Here is a smartphone for everyone too rich to have an iPhone


Since everyone has an iPhone nowadays, you need to have something special to distinguish yourself from the pack.

Enter Bentley, the brand that has been making wealthy people smile with their ultra-luxury cars for years. The automaker has just announced their newest collaboration with the phone company Vertu, called the Bentley signature smartphone.  “Swathed in calf leather,” the phone is handmade in England and encased in titanium (in case you drop it).

The phone comes with a dedicated concierge service, that will fulfill your “every request with a personal touch” and somehow gives you exclusive access to VIP fashion parties, clubs and sporting events. Just don’t talk on the phone once you’re inside! It also has ringtones that were composed by the London Symphony Orchestra. So no “Harry Potter” soundtrack for you!

We aren’t sure anyone actually smart will be buying this smartphone, but if you are interested, it goes on sale tomorrow.