Thomas Keller issues apology for Per Se’s “disappointing” performance

Thomas Keller (right)
Thomas Keller (right)

Remember when Pete Wells went to Per Se and called the matsutake mushroom bouillon as “appealing as bong water”?

It was enough to make any restauranteur sad, and indeed, Thomas Keller, the restauranteur behind Per Se and Bouchon Bakery, seems to be very sad. So sad in fact that he published a public apology last night on his website, addressed “to our guests” in which he apologizes for letting down the critic.

“The fact that The New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells’ dining experiences at Per Se did not live up to his expectations and to ours is greatly disappointing to me and to my team. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards, but we make mistakes along the way. We are sorry we let you down.”

Wells’ demoted the restaurant from four stars to two in his super harsh review, calling it “among the worst food deals in New York.” Keller promises to “do better” in his message, writing: “We are confident that the next time you visit Per Se or any of our other restaurants, our team will deliver a most memorable experience.”

For the prices he’s asking, we certainly hope so!

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