You can “Netflix & Chill” in this West Village Airbnb for $400/night

Attention all Tinderellas! If you’re looking for the perfect place to “Netflix & Chill,” we have found it for you, courtesy of the one and only Airbnb.

The brainchild of adman Tom Galle (who is also responsible for this hilarious Drake weather meme) and “artup company” Art404, the room is intended to “bring the famous ‘Netflix & Chill meme’ to life and offer it as an IRL experience that people can rent for a night.” Now if that doesn’t attract some lovers, we don’t know what will! This guy certainly would enjoy it.

Aside from the giant red Netflix comforter on the bed, the room, which rents for $400/night, actually looks pretty nice. It has a private roof deck with sweeping city views in case you ever feel like leaving the room; a lock on the bedroom door; a fully stocked mini-bar with all the alcohol you’ll ever need, including champagne, wine, rosé, rum, vodka, gin, bourbon, whiskey, beer etc.; and, of course, a projector screen onto which you can watch “any movie Netflix has to offer.”  What amenities!

For serious, though, don’t even try to bring a third person in to share in your Netflix and Chillfest; the listing strictly specifies that “this is an exclusive experience for 2 people only.”