Here’s how the most successful people in the world start their mornings


Is exercising every morning the secret to success?

UK website Home arena has published a handy infographic detailing the morning habits of 23 of the most successful people of our time. The study – which includes the likes of Tim Cook, Barack Obama and Anna Wintour – shows that 59% of those surveyed exercised in the morning, 32% read the news and only 5% listened to music.

Among the most peculiar findings are Mark Zuckerberg, who reportedly starts every day by dressing in the same outfit which gives him, “one less decision to make.” Whereas Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, avoids early meetings and prefers to stay home and have breakfast with his family.

Nobody specified how many times they hit the snooze or how many gallons of coffee they guzzle… Maybe that’s where we’re going wrong.

Courtesy of: Home Arena