7 amazing event spaces you can rent for your next blowout birthday bash

Throwing a party in New York is always a major pain, mainly because it’s often hard to find enough space to throw it in. An Israeli start-up, Splacer, is looking to solve that problem, offering “an online platform and marketplace for people to list, discover, and book short-term spaces for unique event experiences.”

In other words, Splacer is basically the Airbnb of event venues, and it has similarly, ahem, unique places to rent. For your next blow-out party, we recommend these pretty amazing spaces below. Some of them might be a bit weird, but we guarantee your guests will remember them for a long time. 

For Your app launch party
Where Chelsea Tech Headquarters
Price $2,600/hour
Can fit 150 sitting, 500 standing
The most expensive listing on the site right now, this office/party space includes use of 3-D printers, a DJ Hook up and an “incredible sound system.”

For Your gallery opening
Where Redhook Warehouse
Price $2,300/hour
Can fit 700 people max
This 30,000-square-foot warehouse includes 10,000 square feet of exhibition space and a 15,000-square-foot garden. It claims to be perfect “for research and experimentation in contemporary culture,” so we guess you can let your freak flag fly free here.

For Your movie premier
Where 1930’s Art Deco Lobby
Price $2,200/hour
Can fit 300 people
8,911 “glittering tile mosaics” cover the walls and ceilings of this space, which has been closed to the public for years now. It was designed by Ralph Walker in collaboration with the muralist Hildreth Meiere in the 1930s.

For Your band’s gig
Where Renovated Warehouse Performance Venue
Price $1,915/hour
Can Fit 500 people max
There’s probably nothing cooler than having a party in a converted space, and this Gowanus warehouse used to be a 1920’s printing factory. The only challenge now will be finding enough people who want to see you play.

For Your modeling photo shoot
Where Stunning Midtown Loft
Price $1,780/hour
Can Fit 150 people max
The light in this loft will make anyone’s skin glow. There’s also a kitchen in case you get hungry after doing cartwheels through the enormous space.

For Your yacht’s coming home party
Where Uptown Scenic Waterfront
Price $1,500/hour
Can Fit 3,000 people
There’s nothing like digging your toes in the sand, and your guests will be amazed that it’s possible to do so in Manhattan at this sunny beachy space.

For Your rustic Brooklyn wedding
Where Elegant Restored Foundry
Price $1,725/hour
Can Fit 300 people
Sure, you may live in Brooklyn, but you can’t really consider yourself a true member of the borough unless you get married in a hall like this with exposed brick. Think of the instagram shots you’ll get!

For Your first book party
Where A Bibliophile’s Dream
Price $1,150/hour
Can Fit 200 people
Just in case your friends don’t know how well-read you are, why not host your party in this room in the Strand, which is lined with first-edition books?

For Your kid’s birthday party
Where Energetic Space for Kids
Price $1,750/hour for the whole space
Can Fit 300 max
Your kids shouldn’t just have fun at their birthday party, they should learn too! The courts in this space are sized perfectly for children.