Don’t miss this light show on your next stroll along the High Line


As if there wasn’t enough to look at on the High Line (we’re especially excited for this guy), a new light installation has just been installed on the bridge above the Chelsea market. And, as is to be expected, it’s pretty cool.


Prismatic_NYC “is a luminous-kinetic sculpture” designed by Hyphen Lab for IA Interior Architects, which is composed of 66 individual prisms that respond to changes in the weather. What does that mean exactly? It basically acts like a weather detector, pulling in data from the web on the current cloud cover, wind speed, humidity, and whether it’s raining or not (and how much is coming down). Based on the data it receives, it changes its wave patterns.


While the bridge is closed to the public, sadly, you can check out this video of the sculpture in action. And of course, you can see it on your next walk along the High Line — just be sure to look up.