This is the cutest $33k clock you will ever see (promise)

Sherman is the newest piece of “performance art” from creative label MB&F and also, quite possibly, the most adorable $33,000 clock you’ve ever seen.

As MB&F explain on their website, “Sherman doesn’t walk, talk, weld cars, or roam Mars. He doesn’t try to kill Sarah Connor, help Luke Skywalker, warn Will Robinson, vacuum the floor, star in feature-length films, or enforce the law.”

What he does do is tell the time, and according to the company he does so very well, probably thanks to MB&F’s collaboration with L’Epée 1839, a specialized Swiss high-end clock manufacture.

Forbes report there are four versions available, “one gold-plated, one palladium plated and a diamond-bedecked version of each of these two.”

Because who doesn’t want their robot clock chock-full of diamonds?