Brooklyn hipsters are now parking their dogs for $14,480-a-month

If you thought stroller parking was a problem, then you’ll absolutely love dog parking.

Yes, this is a thing now and yes — obviously — it is happening in Brooklyn. Dog Parker is a member’s only startup that lets you rent a mini boarding house for your dog on the street while you run into the grocery store or pick up your organic vegetables from your co-op.

“Instead of leaving your dog home alone all day, tying him up outside, or limiting his walk, keep your dog with you and realize the convenience of running all of your errands and living an active lifestyle with your best friend in tow,” the company says. Which seems strange considering their whole schtick is that they provide boxes where your dog can sit and wait for you. But anyway…

The service costs 20-cents-a-minute, or $20-an-hour, or $480-a-day, or $14,880-a-month. Wow that added up quickly! Obviously no one would be boarding their dog up for a month, but it might be worth keeping in mind the next time you complain about your rent.