For $55M, you can buy a cattle ranch with 30,000 units of frozen bull semen

This ranch in Florida has it all: 13,924 acres of land, a lake, a mile of river frontage, a boathouse and 30,000 units of bull semen?

Yup. The Southern Cattle Company, which was just listed on the market for a considerable $55 million, comes with a huge supply of, ahem, product for making more strong bulls. If you are only interested in animals that are already here, the ranch comes with more than 3,000 living bulls and 90 horses.

In addition to the bulls’ you can also elect to buy 50 units of frozen horse semen that were “sired by the celebrated Peptoboonsmal, ranked 7th for all-time reined cow horse sires and 8th among all-time cutting sires.” The owner of the property told the Wall Street Journal that this was an optional part of the deal, but how on earth could anyone pass that up?!

Still, this property is small potatoes compared to this ranch for $725 million in Texas, which has oil on the property. We guess oil really is thicker than … other liquids.