Stop the wedding! NYC is officially the most expensive place in the country to get married

In news that surprises no one, New York City is officially the most expensive city in the country in which to get married. According to a new report from the consumer services firm Thumbtack, which fielded 320,000 wedding requests every year, couples in the New York City area spent an average of $16,333 on their wedding, as compared to the nation-wide average of $12,189.

Even that seems low considering a dress from Kleinfeld’s can easily cost $15k alone, but the biggest chunk of the pie comes from the catering; New Yorkers spent an average of $5,705 on food alone (this does not include the cake, which costs an average of $366). The report says that New Yorkers are more formal than other Americans (duh) and 33 percent want hors d’oeuvres and formal plated dinners.

In general, weddings in the Northeast were more expensive than anywhere else in the country– the second most expensive city to get married in was Philadelphia ($15,434), followed by Pittsburgh ($14,287) and then Baltimore ($14,261) (for the full list, see here). The cheapest state to get married in was Missouri ($9,031) and the most expensive state was Connecticut ($17,211; we’re going to guess it’s all those damn New Yorkers).

Another strange tidbit about New York brides? Apparently they prefer curly hair on their big day. We’re going to guess they’re inspired by the frizzy locks of the ultimate NYC ladies: Carrie Bradshaw and Fran Fine.