You can pick up a castle in the Czech Republic for $21k

"The Renaissance style Town Mansion"
“The Renaissance style Town Mansion” €425,000 |

VIP Castle is a Czech Republic-based real estate firm, but as the name suggests, it’s not just any brokerage. VIP Castle specializes in historic buildings, also known as… castles.

Natalia Makovik is its founder, and according to Bloomberg, she started her business in 2007, they report that, “the history buff had fallen hard for the run-down castles she discovered in the Czech countryside. Lacking the money to buy one, she decided to make them the focus of her career—first as a tour guide and then as a real estate agent.”

Makovik told Bloomberg that she now sells up to three historic properties a month, priced anywhere from €12,000 ($13,000) to €4 million ($4.4 million).

Her website lists low-priced castles, breweries, castle-hotels and offers helpful advice on both buying and managing your very own castle.

One of Makovik’s listings is the Kolovratsky castle which is priced at a seemingly reasonable €19,000 ($21,000). Although, like many of the properties listed on the website, it’s seen far better days and will likely need lengthy and probably pricy renovations.

Another is “An Ostlerye from the Middle Ages,” which comes with a steeper price tag of €206,000 ($228,000) but its own prehistoric themed restaurant.

"An Ostlerye from the Middle Ages"
“An Ostlerye from the Middle Ages” €206,000 |
Prehistoric-themed restaurant
Prehistoric-themed restaurant|

“These people already have everything — cars, private planes, beach houses,” Makovik said to Bloomberg. “But when they see a historic chateau, their eyes light up. It’s like a fairy tale for them.”

"Chateau Mostov" €1.5 million
“Chateau Mostov” €1.5 million |