Pay $102k to take selfies with penguins in the North and South Poles


Why visit the North or the South Pole when you can hit up both and only take two weeks off work?

That’s the thinking behind a new private jet trip from VeryFirstTo and Private Jet Tours, that will take you from one pole to the other in just 11 days. According to the company, no trip like this has ever been organized — perhaps because of its price, a prohibitive £69,995 per-person (about $102,000).

10 lucky people who are willing to pay that price will start the trip from the Harrods Aviation Private Jet Terminal, where they will take a luxury jet to the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Ivalo, Lapland and will stay in glass igloos and wooden lodges. You then go on to enjoy wholesome activities like ice fishing, skiing, reindeer rides, a husky ride and a swim in ice water (no thanks!).


Then you head south on your trip to Cape Town, where you can experience 24-hour sunlight and take lots of quality selfies with Empire penguins. “What makes wildlife viewing so special on Antarctica is that because the animals aren’t used to humans they are not afraid of us,” the company claims.


That doesn’t totally make sense to us, but then again, neither does the prospect of 10 super rich people living in a glass igloo. And yet that is the world we live in.