You don’t have to stress about booking a massage with this app

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Getting a massage should not be stressful. In fact, it should be the least stressful part of your day.

Enter Zeel, an app that brings the Handy model of at-home services to the massage space. It sure is nice to have someone clean your apartment, but it’s possibly even nicer to have someone give you a massage in your apartment.

I ordered my Zeel massage for a night after my barre class, thinking it would help soothe my tender muscles. The app is a bit glitchy– the keyboard doesn’t always disappear when it needs to and it is easy to select a choice for something that you don’t want, but for the most part it worked pretty well. You can select what type of massage you want (deep tissue, swedish and even couples), the gender of your masseuse and how long of a massage you want. The app automatically charges an 18 percent tip, so you don’t have to worry about finding a $20 bill at the end of the appointment. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Be prepared to either scan your driver’s license or enter the last four digits of your social security number, which the app will then use to do a quick background check on you for the safety of the therapists. All of Zeel’s therapists are vetted and licensed.

One thing I found slightly annoying about the app was that when I went to check if I could reschedule my appointment, it notified me that there would be a $50 fee. That in itself isn’t so outrageous — many services have a late-cancelation fee. What I found deceptive is that Zeel doesn’t tell you about those fees until you go to cancel (at least from what I could see).

Once I booked my appointment (a 60-minute deep tissue), I was notified who my masseuse would be and told to have two sheets and a pillow case ready for her. Perfect!

My masseuse, Tag Ceder, was super prompt and professional. She lugged her giant table into my apartment and set it up extremely quickly. My neck has been hurting for a while, so she gave it special attention, while rubbing the tender points on my body for a blissful 60 minutes.

While Tag was absolutely wonderful and made my whole body feel like jelly, one thing I hadn’t anticipated as an at-home massage newbie was that I don’t have any of the nice little extras that spas and massage parlors provide for you. I hadn’t lit candles, I hadn’t prepared a soundtrack of gentle music of the world and I don’t have sweetly smelling oils or soft mood lighting.

Of course, all of that is easily fixable and the convenience of having a masseuse come to your house trumps the lack of amenities that I failed to have.

“There’s nothing better than having a massage in your apartment,” Tag said right before she started working her magic on my aching muscles. I couldn’t agree more; right after she left, I fell right into my bed and sank into a deep and relaxing sleep, so grateful that I didn’t have to bundle up to go anywhere else that night.