Take her to the moon (or the Lower East Side) with Blade’s Valentine’s Day extravaganza

You may know Blade, the so-called Uber of helicopters, as the company that brings party boys and girls to the Hamptons every summer and is frequently featured on Rich Kids of Instagram. The company has just announced its extra special Valentine’s Day plan, and the most surprising thing about it is that it’s actually kind of affordable.

For $595, you and your special someone get cocktails at the Blade Lounge on the west side, and then you get to jet off in a helicopter to the Lower East Side, where a towncar will bring you to dinner at the “chic new Italian restaurant in Soho” Sessanta (cocktails are not included).


Yes, obviously $595 is not cheap, but considering it costs that price for just one person to helicopter to the Hamptons over the summer, it’s really not such a bad deal. Now you just have to find someone to do it with.

Happy tindering!

?see you this summer @flyblade !!! #employed

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