4 posh vacations for one percenters looking to get away from it all


All work and no play makes one-percenters dull boys and girls.

It’s that dismal time of year when the holidays are behind us and warm weather seems light years away. More snowstorms and frigid temps loom ahead. The only thing to do is get away somewhere relaxing and rejuvenating.

The New York Post highlights some perfect luxe getaways for every type of one-percenter. (The rest of us can dream, can’t we?)


For the rich romantic: Head on down to the northern coast of sunny Dominican Republic to Playa Grande Beach Club. Because it takes a one-percenter to know a one-percenter, money manager Boykin Curry and his renowned interior-designer wife Celerie Kemble are the creators of this playground for the affluent.  From $800 a night.


For the tech triathleteThanyapura, a 56-acre sports training resort in Phuket, is perfect for those who like to play as hard as they work. It includes a world-class sporting facility that houses two Olympic-size pools, dual tennis courts and even a race track. From $130 a night.


For the wealthy wildlife lover: For those into nature and sustainability, head to the Laikipia Plateau in Kenya to the Segera Retreat to stay on a 50,000-arce property and give back to the environment by planting indigenous trees. Also perfect for observing literal fat cats instead of figurative ones. From $1,245 per person a night.


For the well-heeled water enthusiast: The Albany resort in the Bahamas has all the sun, sand and surf you could ever desire. Located on 600 beach side acres, it is a land of mega-yachts and celebs (Think: Tiger Woods and Ernie Els.) Choose from luxe villas, custom residences or marina properties. From $2,500 a night.