This “Smart Mirror” will tell you more than that you need Botox

One intrepid techophile (read: nerd), Max Braun, was frustrated with how little his ordinary bathroom mirror could do. He wanted a mirror “of the future” as promised in Sci-Fi movies and so he set about building his own “smart mirror” and reports on his process on Medium.

He makes it sound relatively simple. He bought a two-way mirror, display panel and controller board along with a bunch of other little doodads. He worked his magic and voila! The result is a mirror that provides him information that he can get any number of other ways far more easily— like by looking at his phone, TV or even *gasp* the cover of a newspaper. But for those who want to see the weather and current news headlines while staring at your own face, Braun has you covered.

He explains the future — and by “future” we mean “mirror” — is so bright, he may have to wear shades. He will continually add features such as, “traffic, reminders, and essentially anything that has a Google Now card.” He adds, “The UI above is only a few hundred lines of code and I’m experimenting with different devices to run it—initially Chromecast, then Nexus Player, and most recently Fire TV Stick.”

Have no fear — the mirror still works well to do what it was originally created to do: help you post selfies!