Calling car fans: Martin Scorsese to produce Rolls-Royce documentary

It seems auto-related films are all the rage these days. Robert DeNiro is working on a Ferrari movie and a Lamborghini film may be revving up this summer. While Leonardo Di Caprio has the rights to a future book about the Volkswagon diesel scandal.

But now Auto Blog reports even bigger cinematic new for luxury auto lovers: “Silver Ghost,” a film about the early days of luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce. Produced by Martin Scorsese and Lord Richard Attenborough, the film will be directed by Asif Kapadia, who directed the critically acclaimed motorsports documentary “Senna.”

Who doesn’t love the combo of fast cars and romantic scandal? “Silver Ghost” promises both. It is a tale of the odd-couple partnership of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce in the beginning of the 20th century. However it also highlights the relationship between automotive pioneer Lord John Douglas-Scott Montagu and his secret affair with his secretary-turned-mistress, Eleanor Velasco Thornton, who inspired the iconic and seemingly appropriately named “Spirit of Ecstasy” hood ornament.

“What struck me when I read “Silver Ghost” was how this true story weaves together the lives of five remarkable people that changed the destiny of the Western world and I am delighted to be working together with the legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese and Anthony Haas to bring it to the screen,” Kapadia said in a recent press announcement.