For $300, this Brooklyn shop will tell you what you should smell like

Sure, you may wear a perfume or cologne that you or your significant other may like to sniff, but how do you know if it’s really the best perfume for you? Maybe you’re not an orange jasmine at all but really a citrus rose?

It’s a scary thought, we know, but thankfully a new perfume shop in Brooklyn is there to save you from yourself. Joya Studio in Clinton Hill sells lots of lovely perfumes like any other shop, but they also will work with you to create a bespoke scent for your wedding, birthday party or just everyday living. The price for this special service is $300 and up, according to DNA Info. Smelling special ain’t cheap.

Smell, of course, is associated with memory. So this seems like a perfect opportunity to imprint a once-in-a-lifetime memory in the minds of your guests. Or to create an experience they’ll never have to think about ever again. You choose.