A new study confirms that in real estate “love is basic”

Can rich people really ever fall in love? Well apparently not with real estate; a new study from Realtor.Com has found that listings that include the words “sexy” and “seductive” are on average more expensive than listings with the word “love.”

“Love is basic,” an economic researcher for realtor.com told the Wall Street Journal. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Listings with the word “romance” were on average $820,000, while “seductive” was priced an average of $640,000 and “sexy” properties went for $620,000. On the other hand, “lovely” and “love” were in listings for properties that cost an average of $264,000 and $250,000, respectively and if you put “loving” in the listing, you might as well be selling a hovel; those homes are listed for only $195,000 on average.

Do these findings really hold up for New York City, though? We went to find out.

Looking at Streeteasy, there are tons of expensive homes on the market right now with the word “lovely” in the listing. Take this $27 million townhouse on the Upper East Side, which has a “lovely view of tree-lined East 70th Street” or this Tribeca condo for $5.3 million which has “lovely bamboo flooring.”

“Sexy” on the other hand, seems to be a much less popular word to use regardless of price point.  Under a million dollars, there were only two listings with the word “sexy” in the listing. This midtown apartment for $995,000, which has a “very sexy open shower” *yikes* and this completely ordinary condo in Clinton Hill, which the broker describes thus: “Lets not mince words, this home is sexy.” Is it?

But over a million dollars, there were also only four listings with the word “sexy.” So maybe — just maybe! — everyone is uncomfortable with the idea of living in a “sexy” abode. “Lovely” sounds just perfect to us.