A bottle of Big Mac sauce just sold for £66K ($95K)

Big Mac
A Big Mac

Who has insane amounts of money and a taste for McDonalds? The buyer of the one-off bottle of Big Mac sauce that just sold in the UK.

The fast food chain auctioned off a 740ml bottle of its famous condiment for charity, and after a two-week Ebay bidding frenzy the winning bid was an unbelievable £65,900 ($95,000.)

According to the Mirror, the bottle will be delivered to its owner in a special collector’s box, with a voucher for a free burger.

The Mirror reports that the buyer has yet to be confirmed, but the anonymous, wealthy, McDonalds lover should have run a Google search before shelling out as the recipe for the sauce is readily available on McDonalds’ website.

It includes soybean oil, water, relish, mustard, colorings, emulsifier, hydrolyzed protein and thickener. Delicious.

Big Mac recipe
Big Mac recipe