If you’re worth a few hundred million, you’ve got a license to cheat

Worth a few hundred million dollars? That’s a free pass to have an affair – at least according to the colorfully named sources of rich man about town and LLNYC cover star Richard Kirshenbaum.

“When you become that wealthy, you feel the rules don’t apply to you,” Charles-in-Charge-Card [aka one of Kirshebaum’s billion-dollar men] told him over lunch at the Four Seasons. “And then you might have a wife that isn’t as caring or attractive as you think she should be. My feeling is, after the fourth house and the plane she could stop complaining. And then you rationalize having some fun. I’m not going to divorce her because she is anorexic and having hot flashes, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be more appreciative. The woman has had resting bitch face for 25 years. The last time she smiled Reagan was in office!”

Sounds harsh to us, but such is life on the top. And it seems that it goes both ways.

“No woman wants a man home every day sleeping later than she is, in his dirty tee,” Woman of Substance Abuse (“thusly named due to her proclivity for a certain white powder”) told Kirshenbaum. “I wish he [her stay at home husband] would get a job or a girlfriend already.”

More money, more problems it would seems. Although all parties told Kirshenbaum that they were completely happy staying in a relationship with a license to cheat. Happy Valentines Day indeed.