Just what you always wanted: Whole Foods may soon have a tattoo parlor

In between buying your $8 Kombucha and your $40 grass-fed steaks, do you ever feel an urge — a hankering — for someone to permanently mark your skin with tattoos? If so, boy do we have good news for you!

Whole Foods is considering offering a tattoo parlor at its new more budget-friendly 365 grocery stores to draw in millennials who are obviously out there inking themselves up every chance they get — just look at the Biebs!  And that’s not all, the store may also offer record stores (because all young people have record players). The supermarket chain is open to ideas too, so if you always wanted to open, say, an artisanal waxing parlor, now is the chance!

This is all to compete with other lower priced food stores (*cough* Trader Joe’s), and Whole Foods is optimistic that this approach will work.

“We don’t see any reason why we can’t go participate in that part of the market as well with our 365 by Whole Foods offer — it’s going to be unique,” the co-CEO of the company told Bloomberg. Unique indeed.