Pigeon droppings are seriously bothering neighbors of Billionaire’s Row

Those who live on 57th Street are used to a certain quality of life. Unfortunately, right now, they are not enjoying it — thanks to some yucky pigeons.

Residents of the luxury apartment building, The Sheffield on 57th Street and Eighth Avenue, are responsible for maintaining Balsley Park down the block. Unfortunately, no one in the building seems to know that and the park has gone to the birds ever since the food vendor who used to take care of it left.

“The landscaping keeps getting more hideous,” a neighbor said at a Community meeting, DNA Info reported. In addition to pigeons, the park also has rodents, liquor bottles and homeless people.

The board of the Sheffield says they are new and were only recently made aware of that they were responsible for maintaining the park. Ronnie Eldridge, a councilwoman and member of the new board, was surprised by the backlash.“The only thing we really inherited was the hostility of the people in the neighborhood,” she said. Welcome to Billionaire’s Row!