Imelda Marcos jewelry collection is estimated to fetch $21 million at auction

She didn’t just have a lot of shoes!

The government of the Philippines announced yesterday that it will display and sell off the jewelry collection of Imelda Marcos, the wife of the late-dictator Ferdinand Marcos. According to the AP, international experts have valued her collection worth $21 million.

Among the jewels in the collection are a 25-carat, barrel-shaped diamond that is expected to fetch $5 million and a Cartier diamond tiara that may fetch $300,000 – 500,000.

“The jewelry confiscated from the Marcoses remain a singular manifestation of the misguided priorities of the Marcos presidency during his reign,” the commission chairman said on Friday.

Um, yes. The jewelry was seized three decades ago and has been housed in the Philippines Central Bank ever since. Marcos also famously had an enormous shoe collection, which is display in museums. She and her husband fled the country to Hawaii in 1986 after a popular revolt against them. During Ferdinand’s reign, he and his wife allegedly amassed billions of dollars through ill-gotten means.

Marcos is now 86 and a member of the Filipino Congress.