This Russian billionaire sold his £15 million yacht because it is “not big enough”


You know when you outgrow your cozy one-bedroom apartment because you have a baby and need to move to the suburbs?

Kirill Pisarev, the Russian billionaire who made his money from co-founding the real estate development firm PIK Group, also has that problem. Not so much for his home in Knightsbridge, London, but for his yacht, which he allegedly sold because it was “not big enough.”



Pisarev is tangled up in court right with the firm Moran Yacht and Ship Inc, who claim that he owes them £615,000 (about $888,056) as a commission because they were the ones who first showed the yacht to him in 2010, two years before he bought it in 2012. The case is digging up all sorts of dirty laundry about Pisarev, namely that he sold the yacht after owning it for a year and a half for £15 million (about $21,700,000). He upgraded to a £20 million yacht instead.



If you’re interested in experiencing a billionaire’s seconds, the yacht is currently available to rent through Yacht Charter Fleet. It has a jacuzzi, five staterooms and space for 9 crew members. But it might be a little squeezed.