Gwyneth Paltrow is turning Hustler Hollywood into a cursing-free club


Gwyneth Paltrow continues her quest to Goopify the world.

The lifestyle guru and Airbnb user has decided to bring a little class and sophistication to West Hollywood, replacing the Hustler Hollywood store with a West coast version of the exclusive Arts Club from London. Some may argue that Hustler Hollywood was its very own arts club, but that’s for another day…

In order to join, you must be nominated by a current member and prove your “connection with, or interest in the Arts, Literature or Sciences” you also have ” to be welcomed by and agreeable to the members.” The club has lots of snobby rules, including a dress code that prohibits “Sports trainers, sports clothes, flip flops, baseball caps, beanie hats and shorts” though “elegant hats are permitted within reason.” The other thing that’s not allowed? Cursing. Because artists are always well-behaved, demure people.

In addition to expletive-free spaces, the club will offer a spa/gym/wellness center, an open-air dining room, a member’s only room and — this is LA after all — a pool.

The annual dues (in London) are £2,000 or roughly $2,880. If you don’t want to pay that, never fear! Gwyneth is a woman of the people after all. Part of the space will be open to the public with retail spaces and an art gallery.