Forget marble, this is the most elegant bathtub money can buy

It seems like every new bathtub on Billionaire’s Row is carved out of a single slab of marble (and placed in front of a floor to ceiling window). But for those looking for something a little different, check out this woven white-ash masterpiece.

Created by Israeli designer Tal Engel, the Otaku bathtub is constructed by weaving together strips of white ash and maple veneer. At first that sounds like a splinter-prone, leaky disaster, but we are assured it is nothing of the sort.

According to 6sqft, after the weaving, the tub is left to dry and coated in several layers of resin to add strength and make the vessel watertight.

“The linear silhouette poetically refers to the fundamental part of the production process and closes a circle by telling the complete narrative–from the actual production to the final outcome,” Engel told Dezeen.

We also imagine that it’s quite a bit cheaper that a solid ton of marble.