This $32M ranch is not only in Hawaii, it’s right next to Oprah!

Two of the best things in the world are Oprah and Hawaii. So imagine if you could combine Oprah and Hawaii into a miraculous package of everything amazing in life?

Well now you can! This ranch property in Maui has just hit the market, and while it is spectacular, it’s also RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO OPRAH!

The catch? It costs $32 million. Well that is for the entire property, which spans 907 acres. You can also buy each of the parcels individually, but if you buy them together, you get a “bulk discount.” Oprah would approve!

The land is located in Hana, which the listing says is “one of the last places in Hawaii untouched by urbanization and over-development, and evocative of yesterday’s Hawaii.” (It’s super rainy, which might explain why).

According to Forbes, the land is currently co-owned by the Getty family and California’s Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom. The listings gives a couple of suggestions for how to use it: build a giant mansion on it; put a hotel/resort there; or use it as a tax haven.

Our suggestion? Build the world’s happiest and largest Oprah fan club!