The one fancy restaurant in Brooklyn might be moving to Manhattan


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In New York City, $300 dinners usually happen in Manhattan because until relatively recently the only people who could afford $300 dinners lived in (or were visiting) Manhattan. With one exception.

Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare was the three-Michelin-starred restaurant that brought the impossible-to-get-a-reservation model to the outer boroughs, forcing hedge funders who never leave Park Avenue to travel over a bridge to have a meal they could brag about to their buddies.

But now, according to Eater, that all might change. The $306-a-meal eatery has plans to move and their new location is — you guessed it — in Manhattan. On 37th Street, no less.

Though the restaurant has not made any official statement, they did tell Eater, “We are moving locations to a second location, but we actually do not have a set date for the move.” We’re going to assume the restaurant is going to change its name.

The rumor is that the current space where Brooklyn Fare is will become a “casual Mediterranean-themed restaurant.” So Brooklyn!