Meet the guy who helps real estate and Wall Street dudes get their groove back

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For finding love, sometimes all you need is a little confidence. And a nice body doesn’t hurt either.

Enter Hamid Castro, a personal trainer and overall-confidence booster for Wall Street and real estate bros who have let themselves go. Castro — who claims in the Post that “No woman has ever turned me down” (even the married ones smile at him) — takes an extreme approach to getting his clients in shape and on track to meet hotties worthy of their bank accounts.

Michael Shah, for instance, the real estate investor and founder of Delshah Capital, hired him when his girlfriend dumped him and he weighed 240 pounds. “Hamid sensed I was at a low point in my life,” Shah told the Post. “He said, ‘I’ve taken on the most disgusting slobs and turned them into statues. You will be a piece of cake.’ ” And alas!  After suffering through Castro entering his apartment everyday at 7 am with a protein shake and a brutal workout, Shah lost 30 pounds and got his girlfriend back (though they later split up again).

Another big-shot (get it?), investment banker Michael Smith, paid Castro $200,000 to help him lose weight and regain his confidence, an expense he says was totally worth it, “I would have spent my entire salary to get my life back.” Castro even moved into his two-bedroom Tribeca apartment.

Maybe now though, Smith is a bit too confident. “Now the word ‘no’ gets me motivated. If I saw Taylor Swift surrounded by a bunch of guys, I’d walk up and ask her to have a drink with me, no problem.”