For $600, you can smell like Marie Antoinette (actually a lot better)

The palace of Versailles probably didn’t smell so good back in the days when Marie Antoinette lived there. But a new and limited edition perfume from the classic French perfumer Guerlain reimagines the scent of the doomed queen, and for the €550 price tag (about $610), it better be nice!

The scent, called “Le bouquet de la Reine,” includes notes of Grandiflora jasmine (one of the Queen’s favorite flower apparently), galbanum, bergamot and a “backdrop of amber and white musk rounds out the fragrance with majestic grace.”

Probably the most exciting part of the perfume, though, is the bottle, which is crowned with an aster (Guerlain’s symbol) gilded in 23-carat gold so that it resembles the sun. Because Louis XIV. It’s topped off with a hand-frayed silk rope.

If you’re interested in smelling like royalty you can order the bottle here, and it will be delivered to you between July and August.