Danny Meyer will now be feeding you fancy food on Delta airlines

Having trouble getting a reservation at Gramercy Tavern? Or maybe you just can’t stand the lines at Shake Shack?

Well Danny Meyer — beloved New York restauranteur/god — has decided to turn his attention to the airplane sphere, the place where good food goes to die. Though Blue Smoke has done the food for a couple of flights on Delta since 2013, now Union Square Hospitality Group will be feeding all Delta One customers on all international flights out of JFK.

This will not just be food that Danny Meyer signs off on, either, but food that his group is alleging tastes as good as the food he serves in his restaurants. There are quite a few hurdles the chef, Carmen Quagliata, had to face; that taste buds are different in higher altitudes; that pasta tends to overcook when re-heated; that the hostess might not be able to get up to get the meat out of the oven in time if there’s turbulence. And yet, through it all, they prevailed, figuring out food to serve the rich people in First class that they won’t want to spit out.

No surprise, the meals are popular. “About the only drawback I’ve seen so far is that everyone wants to try everything on the menu,” one of the flight attendants told the Times, “and that we can’t do.”