Someone just paid $4M to own James Bond’s Aston Martin

Every man wants to be James Bond and one man wants it so much he spent almost $4 million (£2.4 million) to buy the Aston Martin Daniel Craig drove in the film.

Though maybe he should stay off the roads. Christie’s, which sold the car (a DB10) yesterday as part of its charity James Bond Spectre memorabilia sale, says in their notes about the car that it is purely a “collectors item” and “was built to be capable of certain limited specific uses by trained drivers in a controlled environment for filming. The vehicle is not homologated, certified or approved for use on any public roads and has not undergone the testing processes used for production vehicles”

Nevertheless, Christies says there was a four minute and forty-two second bidding war for the car, which ended up going to a bidder in the sale room. Though several DB10s were used in the film, this is one of two kept for display purposes and features Daniel Craig’s signature.

Other items in the sale include clothing Craig wore in the film, like a Day of the Dead costume which went for $140,658, and an Omega Seamaster which went for $132,090.

If you missed out on the sale but still want to feel Bond-like, Christie’s also has an online-only auction that’s still active until February 23. Items in the sale include a clapper board from the movie (current bid is £8,500) and a martini shaker and glasses (current bid is £9,500) so that you can also have your martinis perfectly shaken, not stirred.