You can now have your own face printed on your latte

Have you ever stared into the white foam of your latte and thought, “Man, I miss my dog, I wish I could stare at his face while I sip this.”

Well now you can! Ripple maker is a product that lets you print scarily realistic pictures onto your coffee foam of whatever image you want. It’s the latest coffee trend you didn’t realize you wanted!

All you have to do is download the Ripple app, select the image you want to print and the machine will make it for you in just seconds. Unfortunately, it is not yet available for home use, but there are a number of coffee shops in the city that will print a picture on your latte for you (the app will tell you which ones are closest to you). According to Forbes, none of them charge any extra for the service — because it’s just so delightful!

So break out your Instagram, because we have a feeling that a cappuccino with your face on it (or maybe Justin Bieber’s face on it), will get a whole lotta likes.