You don’t want to sit next to Stacy Engman on a flight

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Manhattan-based art curator and apparent vampire, Stacy Engman, is in hot water after allegedly biting a fellow passenger on a flight from Turkey to New York City.

Although the incident in question happened last July, a copy of the summons was publicly filed yesterday.

According to the court document – during the flight from Turkey to New York City – Engman, a National Arts Club member, was wearing a tiara and told anyone who would listen that she had been on a yacht for five days. She also practically had her head in the lap of the other passenger whom the Gothamist identified as Christina Tyler.

When Tyler refused to raise the armrest between them, Engman allegedly began repeatedly raising and lowering it into Tyler’s leg before going on an offensive tirade; calling Tyler “ugly” and telling her to “move your fat ass” several times, according to  the summons.

When Tyler turned away, Engman bit her on the lower back before allegedly pretending to sleep.

Thankfully Turkish Airlines bumped Tyler up to first class, reports the Gothamist, and Engman was taken into custody upon landing and issued with a summons for assault.