Would Patrick Bateman be on Tinder today? Bret Easton Ellis reflects

Living in New York, it’s somewhat inevitable that we will all run into Patrick Bateman types at some point in our lives. Hopefully, they won’t have his serial killing tendencies.

But if Patrick Bateman had been alive today, who would he be? Would he still be a Wall Street dude or would he have moved on to tech to become a bro-grammer? Would he still live on the Upper West Side or would he have moved downtown to a loft in Tribeca? Would he still be trying to return video tapes and would people finally think that was weird?

Bret Easton Ellis, the author of American Psycho considered these questions today  in an essay in Town & Country for the book’s 25th anniversary. Though he refuses to pinpoint where exactly Bateman would live today —   “I rarely feel as if I have guardianship over him, or any right to tell him where he would or would not be today, decades after his birth” — he does let us know that he wonders about it, just as the rest of us do:

“Sometimes I think that if I had written the book in the past decade, perhaps Bateman would have been working in Silicon Valley, living in Cupertino with excursions into San Francisco or down to Big Sur to the Post Ranch Inn and palling around with Zuckerberg and dining at the French Laundry, or lunching with Reed Hastings at Manresa in Los Gatos, wearing a Yeezy hoodie and teasing girls on Tinder.”

Yup, sounds about right. Ladies on Tinder, beware!