Want to live in a $1M apartment for free? Become a nanny

You don’t just want anyone looking after your child and those of the wealthier set are starting to realize that if they want to attract top-notch nannies, they may need to pony up a little extra for accommodations.

According to the WSJ, wealthier people are now building luxurious suites for their nannies to live in at home. These nannies get $1,000 to spend on custom decorations, and one interior designer says that a family may spend up to $150,000 designing their nannies suites.

The reason for this generosity is that it is becoming harder to attract the best nannies without these amenities. “Before you were looking at Alice from ‘The Brady Bunch,’ but today you have [nannies] with master’s degrees in your home as role models,” the president of a nanny-placement firm told the WSJ.

Of course in New York City, space is at such a premium that families are instead buying extra (smaller) apartments where staff members like nannies can live in the same building. These studios can add an extra $1 million to the price tag of the apartment.

It’s a pretty sweet gig, if we do say so ourselves, but still not quite as great as the building manager at 220 Central Park South. Now that guy has it made in the shade.