Luxury pool toys are selling like crazy because everyone wants to be a member of the #squad

Swan squad.

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Don’t even think about floating in a pool (let alone posting an Instagram of you in a pool) this summer if you aren’t in some sort of trendy flotation device.

Thanks to Taylor Swift and her #squad, luxury pool toys like inflatable swans and donuts (Justin Bieber is a fan of that one) are selling out like crazy according to Bloomberg.

The regular floats aren’t actually  that expensive — going for a mere $20-$40 on Amazon. But the company that makes these, Big Mouth, has recently launched a series of high-end flotation devices (yes you read that correctly) like a 12-foot flamingo that will sell for $399.

“Those are going to festivals, to the really extravagant homeowner,” the company president Steve Wampold told Bloomberg. “These are more about the completely off-the-wall person.”

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Of course, it’s all #worthit because if you have a 12-foot flamingo, you’re definitely going to attract a lot of attention on Instagram, and as Wampold correctly identifies, that’s what it’s all about: “It’s an Instagam and Facebook world,” Wampold told Bloomberg. “Everyone wants that share and that like. Posing with a big giant Tootsie Roll noodle is a great way to make that happen.”