These rich city kids’ over-the-top playrooms cost more than your whole house

Credit: Reddit user radamshome

Gone are the days of parents constructing forts out of an old sheet draped over two chairs. Now the kids of one-percenters are getting far more luxe live/play spaces. The NY Post recently highlighted some wee ones’ living quarters that are fit for a king. Parents of rich city kids are now jumping through hoops (sometimes literal ones) to offer offspring every outdoor convenience brought inside, such as treehouses, basketball courts and seaside resorts.

One designer shared her $200,000 creation for some school-age kids living in an Upper East Side town home. The five-star accommodations feature loft beds with netted play spaces, built-in bookcases, a colorful rock-climbing wall and a custom, kid-size basketball court.

Other standout (and pricey) spaces include one created by a former NASA engineer-turned-designer, who transformed an unused nook opposite the kitchen into the ultimate modern treehouse featuring a desk, chalkboard, ladder and slide.

For one Boerum Hill family, “there needed to be a way for a toy train to make a full circle” so the designer created a secret passage carved into the base of a staircase.

A Battery Park mom wanted her daughters to feel like she had a backyard — indoors– so she enlisted another pricey designer to create a space reminiscent of a seaside resort complete with a dramatic lacquered sky-blue tree and a green and yellow play space to represent sun and grass.

One designer created a showroom play area fit for royalty with a “Sleeping Beauty” themed nursery with custom fairy artwork inspired by the ballet. “The walls, taking their pattern from a floral Stephanie Odegard rug, were glazed, hand-stenciled, and painstakingly clad with more than 500 Swarovski crystals.”

While this might seem an over-the-top extravagance, the designer explains “In New York, I guess it’s normal.”