Rich people no longer have to go to the movie theater, they can install one in their homes


Once upon a time in Hollywood, only an elite group of studio execs could screen new film releases from the comfort of their own mega-mansion as part of the Bel Air Circuit. But now the NY Post reports the six-year old company, Prima Cinema, is offering the same service to any movie lover with a big enough wallet.

“We’re the only company in the world that offers exactly the same experience to anyone who can afford it.” explains Prima CEO Shawn Yeager.

Prima will now offer anyone with a cool $35,000 and a home theater to download newly released movies — usually the same weekend as their theater release — to its unit, which requires fingerprint recognition. Additional costs include $500 per rental and $100 for 3-D flicks.

Prima’s planning to launch a far more elaborate player later this year. For $50,000 it will include 4K (ultra HD) compatibility and Dolby immersive sound.

Because Yeager estimates millionaire movie-lovers in the tristate area make up about 35 percent of his overall business, we suspect a whole lot of monied cinephiles will be tossing their Blue-rays and canceling their On-Demand and Netflix services.