Take a first look at what will be the most expensive hotel in the world


Because there aren’t enough expensive hotels in the world, Stephen Hung, the joint-chairman of Louis XIII Holdings Limited and seriously snappy dresser has decided to open his own in Macau, the teeny tiny peninsula off of China famous for its casinos. And now, we are excited to announce, there are pictures of it!

The 13 in Macau has been widely reported as being the most expensive hotel in the world. Each of the 200 rooms costs a reported $7 million to construct, and the Washington Post reported in 2014 that a suite there will cost $100,000-a-night when it opens this summer.

While we aren’t sure which of the suites will cost that, the 13 did release some images of La Villa du Comte, which it says will be “the standard accommodation” once the hotel opens (i.e. this isn’t even the fanciest room in the place).




La Villa du Comte has a private elevator; butlers that are on call 24 hours a day; a Roman bath that can fit 6-8 people (yikes) with a chandelier and a retractable marble floor that covers the tub when you aren’t using it; a rain shower; an electric bidet that is hidden by a stained glass window; chrome furniture that was designed by Hung in collaboration with other designers; and — the cherry on top — access to the hotel’s 30 custom Rolls Royce Phantoms, which Hung ordered together in 2014 for $20 million in what was Rolls Royce’s largest single order ever.



So yeah, it’s going to be completely insane and the pictures don’t do anything to dissuade that notion.

Let’s just hope they have wi-fi!

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