The Queen is turning 90! Here are some (official) plates to celebrate

Attention Anglophiles! Queen Elizabeth II is turning 90 in April, and to celebrate the momentous occasion, the Royal Collection shop has released today an official range of tableware for you to set out at your next dinner party.

The most expensive item in the collection (which is available to buy on the Royal Collection’s website) is a plate for £89 (about $125), though other items are a bit cheaper like a mug for £25 (about $34) and a pillbox for £29 (about $40). According to a statement from the Royal Collection, the plates were made using 250-year-old methods and are hand-finished with 24-karat gold. A few limited edition pieces will also be released in the next few months.

While the Queen’s birthday is April 21, leave it to the Brits to hold off celebrating it — officially — until June. Apparently the delay is due to June weather being more pleasant than April weather. Because London in June, that’s some great weather right there!

Considering her mother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, lived until she was 102, the queen probably has  quite a few more years left to play with little George and Charlotte. Happy Birthday!