Billionaire Vinod Khosla won’t let surfers use his beach unless the government pays him $30M


What’s the one thing that can mess with a surfer dude’s chill? How about a billionaire who won’t let him access the public beach.

In 2010, Vinod Khosla, the Indian/American tech billionaire, closed a road on his $32.5 million property in California that provided access to a public beach that surfers and other residents used to enjoy. After years of litigation, Khosla says he will re-open the road but only he gets $30 million to add public bathrooms, employees and road maintenance at Martin’s Beach, which is, yet again A PUBLIC BEACH!

Thankfully, this is not going over well with anyone in the community or the governor of California, Jerry Brown, who has threatened to use eminent domain to open the beach.

Khosla used to allow people to access the beach for the first two years that he owned the property as the previous owner had, but then he locked the gate and occasionally even hired a security team to keep people away.

“This is a case of a person who thinks he’s bigger than the law because he has more money than anyone else,” a 72-year old surfer who has been going to the beach for 56 years told the Wall Street Journal.

Seriously, Khosla doesn’t want to ride the waves with a 72-year old surfer? That seems like the craziest part of all this!

  • Michael Andrew Graf Rasch

    No the problem is more to …. “whom is liable on that patch of walking path” and “quality of life” Billionaires like everyone else have a certain right to privacy and security, but if you walk by making noise or maybe send a molotov cocktail via his window, it becomes a problem. Slip and fall, you become a millionair … so it’s easier to litigate it for a long time and know nobody is in the way.

    Now what people are not understanding is that he can not prevent a person from using the beach, he is preventing access to the beach via his property. You are free to walk around and surf. What’s he has done is prevent a liability. people are just upset.