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The world’s youngest billionaire is 19 and loves horses

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A 19-year-old Norwegian horse rider has just been dubbed the world’s youngest billionaire.

In their breakdown published today, Forbes announced Alexandra Andresen’s debut among the 2016 World’s Billionaires. The professional dressage competitor owns 42.2 percent of the investment company Ferd as does her 20-year-old sister, Katharina.

A photo posted by Alexandra (@alexandraandresen) on

According to Forbes, Ferd dates back to 1849, when Alexandra and Katharina’s great-great-great grandfather bought a tobacco factory. They sold up in 2005 for $500 million and today Ferd is a holding company dealing in equity holdings, real estate, security investments and a hedge fund. The sisters’ father is chairman of the board and owns 15.2 percent.

The two sisters rank as the 1,475th wealthiest people on the planet, and are the 6th richest people under 30.