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Battle over $100M fortune plays out on social media

The late Melva Bucksbaum used her vast fortune to support the arts (and collect a lot of it as well). But since she passed last August, the fate of her $100 million-plus estate has been challenged by her husband, leading to a battle that has played out on Facebook.

Her husband of 14 years, Raymond Learsy, a trader, developer and fellow Whitney board member was left around $10 million in trust, plus a $25 million home. But he has now challenged her will, claiming that he’s entitled to half her fortune.

But Melva’s adult children, Gene and Glenn Bucksbaum, and Mary Bucksbaum Scanlan aren’t having it, according to the New York Post.

“Raymond Learsy . . . This name should be known. Full definition of cad. 1: An omnibus conductor 2: a man who acts with deliberate disregard for another’s feelings or rights,” Glenn wrote on his Facebook page.

He added: “Get your nose plugs out cuz this really stinks . . . Transferred real estate out of his name into his children’s names weeks before Melva passed away . . . His son didn’t even bother to call for condolences as they have been plotting this for some time.”

Learsy’s lawyer, Hugh Freund fired back saying: “It was Ray’s own personal estate planning and has nothing to do with Melva’s estate. Glenn [is] going out of his way to cause a problem, where everyone else in his family is being constructive to resolve this issue.”