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These 7 Italian vineyards will make you believe in love again

Italy has some of the world’s best food, the best landscapes, the best language and, of course, the best wine. For those lucky enough to afford it, owning a vineyard — especially one these vineyards, which are all on the market right now — is a fantastic way to indulge in unbelievable beauty and amazing wine. And for those who can’t afford it, well, enjoy the photos!

A medieval castle near Siena
115 bedrooms, 100 bathrooms; 154,139 square feet

No one will be able to attack you in this fortress. In addition to 18 hectares of vineyard, the estate also has huge gardens, four swimming pools and a tennis court.

Manoir in Chiani
Price upon request
19 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms; 43,055 square feet

You can pray to the gods of wine in the property’s private chapel. Right now, the estate produces 70,000 bottles of wine each year.

Tuscan Villa
4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms; 6,512 square feet

The wine cellar in this home is from the 17th Century, but it like everything else in this incredible home has been expertly renovated.

Property with vineyards and olive groves in Chianti

At the moment, the house is being used as a hotel for extra income. And we can certainly understand the appeal to tourists!

Wine Estate in Tuscany
20 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms; 25,833 square feet

Be warned; this house is beautiful and well-made, but in need of “internal refurbishment.”

Tuscany Chianti Estate
20,451 square feet

This estate is from the 13th Century and the Dutch painter Karel Appel lived here from 1989-2000. Wonder what inspired him?

Le Pici Castelnuovo Berardenga
21 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms; 32,291 square feet

You better to like to cook! This home comes with six kitchens.