Socialites and financiers are bringing stray dogs from Puerto Rico to the Hamptons

Philanthropy comes in many forms. Some people choose to help the hungry, the needy and the sick, and others choose to help stray dogs in Puerto Rico.

The U.S. territory is facing a serious economic downturn right now, which has caused a super high unemployment rate and also a lot of stray dogs. When Citigroup banker David Brownstein, who is helping the island negotiate their debt crisis, visited the island and noticed all the sad dogs, he decided the only solution was to fly them on private jets to the Hamptons and the Jersey Shore where they will be safe. According to the Wall Street Journal, this could cost up to $1,000 per dog.

“I guess there are some people who would see this and say ‘There are much bigger problems in Puerto Rico to deal with than this,’ ” the president of the Center for a New Economy told the Journal. He’s OK with it, though, because tourists don’t like seeing all these dogs, and that’s not good for business either.

Among the philanthropists doing this good work? Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of NYC’s former mayor, who has apparently flown dogs home twice on her private jet.