Rao’s is so exclusive even the owner of the building can’t get a table

Rao’s, the 120-year-old Italian restaurant up in East Harlem just might be the most exclusive spot in the city.

And now its emerged that even buying the building can’t guarantee you a table.

According to the New York Post an anonymous investor has paid over $10 million to buy the 22-unit rental property and home of Rao’s, 265 Pleasant Avenue, and they still couldn’t sit down for meatballs.

Bo Dietl – who has had a regular table at the restaurant every Thursday night since 1977 – told the Post, “I’ll save him two seats at my table one night.”

With ten tables and a string of regulars who have dibs, a call to make a reservation will go unanswered or as the New York Post reported last year, will yield a message saying the place is booked through the year.

“Every table has been booked every night for the past 38 years,” Owner Frank Pellegrino told Town and Country in 2015.

Even big names like Woody Allen, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Donald Trump and Liza Minnelli — are relegated to simply guests of regulars.

Talk about exclusive.