Meet the most popular model in New York you’ve never heard of

Audrey Monson was the Gigi Hadid of the 1910s, appearing in hundreds of statues and pictures. But sadly, she died broke and alone at the age of 104 in an insane asylum and was buried in an unmarked grave.

The work she posed for, however, is still around (in fact you’ve probably passed her face hundreds of times without even noticing). Here are a few of the most notable places you can spot her around the city.

What: USS Maine National Monument
Where: Columbus Circle
The statue was built in 1912 as a tribute to the men who died aboard the USS Maine in Havana in 1898.

What: Alma Mater
Where: Columbia University
The statue is a symbol of the university, located on its famous steps.

What: Memory (left) and Mourning Victory
Where: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Both of these were done by Daniel Chester French. “Memory” is meant to be a contemplation of life and the transience of beauty; “Mourning Victory” is a war memorial for a businessman whose brothers died in the Civil War.

What: Pulitzer Fountain
Where: Grand Army Plaza in Manhattan
The fountain was — no surprise — donated by Joseph Pulitzer and depicts Pomona, a Roman goddess of abundance.