People in Asia are paying $24,000 a year to work out at these lavish gyms — here’s what they look like inside

In Asia, people are paying as much as $24,000 a year for memberships at Centuryon, a chain of luxurious mega fitness centers operated by California Management Group.

According to founder and CEO Randy Dobson, the gyms offer exclusivity and luxury to “a select few who posses the highest standards and demand nothing less than the very best.”

With 24 locations in Vietnam, Centuryon memberships start at $8,000 and can go up to $24,000, depending on member benefits. There are no monthly fees, but the full annual fee is paid up front.

The company also has its California Fitness & Yoga clubs, which begin at about $1,000 a year and include Centuryon-only areas for VIP members.

From golden amenities to a fully stocked styling area, here is what the lavish gyms look like inside:

Areas that are for Centuryon members are accessible by biometric scans to ensure exclusivity.

The yoga lounge is where guests can go to enjoy tea either before or after classes. VIP members can also bring anyone they like to work out with them.

Their facilities are adorned in luxurious touches that include golden features in the restrooms.

There is also a stunning vanity room, which is equipped with gold touches. Members can take advantage of complimentary beauty and life-enhancement treatments at the club’s Eri International Beauty Clinic.

Pools feature floor-to-ceiling windows, and chandeliers. Guests can get free massages by the pool, and there’s a towel and robe service.

After you’re ready to relax from your workout, you can head to the steam room, enjoy the dry sauna, slip into a Roman hydrotherapy Jacuzzi, or check out the ice room, which is chilled to zero degrees and includes a snow-dispensing machine.

In private-member lounges, you can enjoy karaoke, pool tables and catering services.

All of the equipment is imported and Italian-made, and members can get a personal trainer to assist them with their workouts.

Most of the equipment also features touch-screen LED monitors and fitness-tracker integration.

Members can also book stretching sessions with trainers who will work with them on trigger-point muscles and joint-tension relief. The clubs also offer unlimited health and fitness analysis, as well as nutrition consulting.

Members can also enjoy private parking and valet services, VIP invitations to fashion shows and concerts, free drinks year-round at the juice bar, and stores that feature merchandise from popular athletic brands like Nike.